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The Rule Of 20 20

The rule of 20 20 what is it? Have we heard of it ever? If not then honestly we all are doing terrible with our own lash extension supplies Australia. Listen! Some of us are involved in businesses for bread earning and some are salaried point is over all life we are spending is in front of a screen, weather screen of a cellphone, screen of a laptop, Television or any other screen. Hours and hour’s late sittings, sedentary lifestyle no workout and no physical activity are making our case even worst.

 So incase sitting late in office continuously working on your personal computer the rule is to work 20 minutes on screen and then rest your eyes for 20 minutes and see somewhere far, in order to balance shortsighted and longsighted vision. Many of us are thinking how practical it is to actually practice it, we all know it is not practical enough to hear and actually do but, what we can do is to give rest for atleast 5 minutes after every hour (now that is something relatable) in our society one who just works continuously is considered as the most hardworking and smart person. Trust me this is completely wrong yes consistency is the key not on the price of your eyes. Try to move around in office watch far and wide close eyes for sometimes (during break hours otherwise job will be at stake for sure).

Eat green vegetables not only this intrinsic maintenance is also very necessary; one must eat good diet in order to stay healthy. Eyes, nose, mouth all are related and linked with the human brain. Eating healthy helps the brain to function properly and these functions include looking function as well (which is damn necessary). Have milk atleast thrice a week; best is to have it daily if not atleast thrice a week, have 1 boil egg daily cannot do that; make it alternate days meal, drink plenty of water dude! Don’t know how it is related to eye health but overall staying hyderated is a way of saying thank you to your body. Visit for lash trays australia.

Another amazing trick which anyone can do without any single excuse, at least once in a day one should be in a position where the blood of the body should accumulate in the head (this can be done with an upside down position). I know sound dangerous but one can do it on the bed just lie on the bed with the upper body hanging down and don’t close eyes ever. Stay in this position for 2 minutes and slowly come to normal position. Keep doing it as a regular workout skin will blemish, eyes will be healthy and above all brain will function even better. If don’t believe try it yourself nothing so difficult and could be done daily very easily.

Not only eyes every single body part the whole body is a blessing and it is our duty to keep it clean health and happy no excuses allowed for that…