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4 Tips To Combat UV Radiation On Your Face

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If your body is a temple, your face is that feature that makes the temple more appealing despite who resides inside it. As the world changes, so does the universe and its elements. This is quite applicable for the sun. Sun is one of the very using source of energy that we cannot live without. But when there is an excess, it’s never good news. This is why taking steps to safeguard yourselves from UV radiation that is emitted by the sun is essential. How are you going to do it in day-to-day life?

Here are 4 tips to safeguard your face by UV radiation in day to day life.

  • Stay well hydrated

If 75% of our body is made out of water, what would happen when it is losing its moisture content? That is when you’re starting to see your lips go all dry and cracked, discoloration of the skin and whatnot. The end result of all this is that your skin and facial skin becomes more and more weak to withstand UV radiation. Hence, drinking a sufficient amount of water is such an effective way to fight UV always. In fact, the performance of all skin care Northern Beaches cosmetics you use will be accelerated by this just like that.

  • Invest in the right type of sunblock lotions

The ability for sunscreen bondi lotions to protect you from UV and other harmful rays that in induced in harsh sunrays is a medically proven fact. As long as you’re using the right product, you’re highly likely to be completely free of anything harmful. For that, you should go for the products with the ideal SPF values and ingredients that suits the nature of your skin. That way, you can ensure that all the rays will be reflected off your skin, all day every day as long as you use them regularly.

  • Avoid using too oily products

When you’re using lotions that over moisturizes your skin in terms of oily nature, it would help the UV rays to increase the skin temperature easily. To avoid that, you should just simply avoid such products. As a substitute, you can always use sunblock lotions that helps you keep the moisture of the skin easily.

  • Wear shades and hats whenever you can

Your eyes are one of the critical areas where the skin will tend to age quickly if not taken care of. In fact, investing in a great pair Polaroid sunglasses and wearing a hat that blocks off sunrays is a cheap and even a fashionable way to avoid unnecessary sunrays hitting your face.